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Using two imported 7805 three-terminal voltage regulator chips, the error of output voltage is small, generally in the range of 4.95V-5.05V, the maximum output current is 3A, the module input voltage is 7V-35V, and the AC is 5V-24V.
The smaller the voltage difference between input and output, the larger the current that can be output. The maximum current 3A is in the case of small voltage difference.
Input AC and DC can be, no polarity input, the board will not burn.
Can be used as 5V regulated power supply.

Panel size: 8.1 x 2.6CM
Input voltage range: DC7.5V-35V or AC6V-24V
Output voltage: 4.95V-5.05V DC
Maximum carrying current: 3A
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10 x DIY Double LM7805 Diffuser Regulator Module Kit

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